Why Universal IAS

1- Guaranteed Course Complete in 8 months- Universal IAS makes every effort to complete the whole course (Pre, Main and Interview Exam within 8 Months).

2- Fast track course complete in 3 months for advanced Students
3- Daily Test Series for Advanced Students*
4- No cancellation of Class- Universal IAS is committed to take care of the endeavour of all its students. Students toil too much to attend the classes of Universal IAS. We respect their
endeavour and never cancel the classes under any circumstances.
Weekly Test Series for automatic learning

5- Isolation of Knowledge

The knowledge which you can use during examination when you will not have access to your books and class notes. Isolation of knowledge is a technique which will perfect you to get right answers during Pre, Main and Interview Examinations.

6- Archaeology of Knowledge

Archaeology of Knowledge is a technique to know the root of every phenomenon of your subjects. This will make you standing apart from the crowd as you will have
the most appropriate answers for all your question.

*Advanced Students means those students who have experience of 2 years preparation for Civil
Services Examination.